Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why My Sister's Place in Heaven is

Who doesn't love their older sister? Not me! Especially when she knows just what to give to make me happy..first for my birthday, then for no particular reason (I love that chick!), and then for Christmas!
Sigh. #GodBlessOlderSisters!

Birthday shoes..
Christmas shoes!

Just Because shoes! Lol..

Hope you all had a merry Christmas.
Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy Days

Some days all I want to do is grab the first thing in my closet and go. Um, most days actually. That whole 'budding fashionista' thing? Emphasize the budding, please. :) So forgive me if some of my outfits are a bit obvious; I'm still a long, long way off from my ultimate style goal (Karla Deras-like virtuosity, in case you were wondering what my ultimate style goal is). Today I matched in the most obvious ways; it's almost disgusting to look at the colours, but hey! I live in Nigeria. We love to match. So what if I'm lazy sometimes? I have the right!
Now, to the apologies. I apologise for the grotty pictures. My camera (read my sister's camera, actually) hates me; if it's not one thing, it's another. So I have to use my phone all the time, and well, it's not a very high-tech phone. It serves its purpose quite well as a phone, but as a camera? Uh, nah.
The next apology would be for the erratic posts. Like I said earlier, I was disillusioned with fashion blogging for a while. But my fire has been rekindled, and I hope this time it stays kindled. English needs help.
Wait. I'm assuming anyone is even reading this. Smh. :)
So you noticed that the picture quality suddenly deteriorated. I know. The first one was taken by a nice friend of mine who thinks I'm vain but supports me anyway. I need more friends like Anyway, this is me attempting to look nice while in the air. I've tried and tried (and failed!) to take a nice 'Oh, lookatmeI'mjumping' sort of picture. This one was only the least weird of about don't know why, but I never jump at the right time, and even when I do, I have a weird look on my face or
Yes, yes. These shoes look familiar. That's because I have them in two colours. Who does that? Apparently I do. I should do a whole separate post on the story of how come I have the same shoes twice over. Maybe I will.

And that's it. Me in as many weird poses as I care to show the wide I really love this outfit though; very comfy, and the colours are 'adorb' (stylish-speak for really really
I hope you had at least as good a day as I did! x

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A few WTH? Moments

It's been a while since I last posted, largely because I felt like this blog was losing direction and I didn't want to become yet another fashion blogger. My wardrobe isn't that amazing anyway (yet!), so I thought I'd just delete this blog. But then, I looked at some of the pictures on my phone and realised there's a bit of stuff there that might be interesting to the rest of the world, so if you'll forgive the quality, here we go.

This one really blew me away. I didn't realise till I was on the bike what was going on, but it's kinda hard to miss what's on the head of a person sitting right in front of you. I know Lagosians are creative, but WTH is this? I'll tell you. It's a helmet made from styrofoam (you can't see it cuz I couldn't get a shot of the top of his head) and duct tape. Very snug, but I don't know about how effective it is...

I think this one speaks for itself; they need a new slogan, yesterday! Port Harcourt people seem short on'm so witty. Lol..

These guys can't seem to be able to make up their minds; is it a church, is it a beer parlour, is it a church where beer is accepted? You can't have it both ways, you know!

This one is my personal favorite. It was one of those days when I cursed the fact that I don't lug my camera around everywhere. This man, who has to be at least forty if he's a day, is wearing a (yes! he is!) pink pair of shades. And that's not it; you can't tell from here, but they're studded. With rhinestones. I saw him at the revamped Mr. Biggs (God knows why I even went there in the first place. I should've known trauma would follow) and went WTbloodyH??? I'm sure your seven-year-old daughter missed those, Daddy-o!

Another one I like, on yet another bike. I need me a car..anyone interested? I did a double take with this one. These people will not kill someone. Is he kidding?? Apparently

This one I saved for last, not because I particularly liked it, but because it was in the Punch. Uh huh. The Punch. Nigeria's best Newspaper or whatever. WTflippin'H? Like I seem to now like to say, These people will not kill

I hope you're having a few WTH? moments yourself, wherever you are, (and hopefully in your because they're good for laughs, and laughs are way good for you. Have an amazing week, and month too! Ta!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gold at the Bottom of the Rainbow

It's Sunday! That means church for me, and for most people church means traditional attire. Well. I only possess two dresses made from ankara, so I decided to break one out for my official 'home for the holidays!' return to the church family. Besides, I'd look really ridiculous kneeling down over and over to greet if I was wearing some fancy DVF dress (I don't own one, but who else knows that? Lol...).
My darling sister, who has graciously agreed to take numerous pictures of me everyday for the last few days, was making fun of my silly poses. Pout! I like my poses!
Okay. Maybe she had a
And, in unrelated news, it would appear Michael Jackson's influence spread to the world of creepy-crawlies; this (mantis?) looks like it's doing 'Thriller'!
TTFN! (Tigger-ese for Bye!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We're going Live!

Today I went with my sister to the official launch of the Live Mechanics flagship store in Surulere, Lagos. It was practically over when we got there (I don't think anyone considers arriving six hours after the time on the invitation as fashionably late), but there were still a few people milling about. We had a great time talking and laughing, and it was a blast (even though we didn't buy anything...haha...). We even got photographed for a magazine! (Um, now I realise I probably should have asked the 'paparazzo' the name of the mag. Oh well.) Here's the sister:
And here I am:
Oh, look! There I am again, posing in front of a ton of designer bags that you can't see because my camera sucks (for now!)
The way I've knotted this belt is one of the many fruits of my constant fashion blog surfing; I learned this from Elaine Hearn of Clothed Much. It's very handy for those extra-long belts that you don't want to leave hanging, and you can do it even if the belt isn't really long, just for the detail, like I did.
I didn't even notice how many bows we were both wearing until I uploaded these:
I attached that bow to the top, like I mentioned in an earlier post here, and it definitely took the tank from drab to fab. People actually stopped me in the mall to say they liked my top! And I just love these super-cute shoes that my sister barely ever wears. If they were my size I'd have pinched them! Alas, she is Cinderella and I'm only the (Ugly Step) sister. Sigh.

Yes, I know there isn't really a bow on these; I just wanted to show you a picture of these cute shoes that my dear friend Neetu got me for my birthday...I love her (and them, of course).

You can check out the fabulous clothing available at the Live Mechanics store on the link I created earlier.
See ya!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Don't Like Green Nothing...

...Except for money. That's a Kimora quote that isn't necessarily relevant, but I just wanted a title with green in it. I actually do like green things, like this cute Paris top that I can't seem to be able to find anymore! I have searched high and low, and in the weirdest places too, but it seems to be gone forever. Unless one of my girlfriends 'borrowed' it and 'forgot' to give it back. That's a thought... I miss you, baby. Don't you just love the girl and her poodle? (I know you can only see its butt, but the poufy tail should have informed you!) And they're made of flocking, too. Sob!

Another green thing I like is these shoes, but they are going to have to bring in yet another green thing I love, which is money. (I know the only really green Naira note is N20. Yes, I can be paid in twenties. So there.)
They haven't been worn at all; a friend gave them to my sister who gave them to me. I know, I know. Long story. But they haven't been worn. I would wear them, but in my school there are only about three 'heels-worthy' events all year long (it's Ibadan! I'm not exaggerating!), and these are such a tricky color that I've just never gotten 'round to actually wearing them.
They're size 40 1/2 European, 8 1/2 US, 7 UK. The heel height is about 4", with a teeny-tiny 1/2" platform. Brand new, peoples. They're made of synthetic material, and they're Anne Michelle.
If you're interested, send an e-mail to
Make me a reasonable offer.

It's green green green today! Yay!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday Look

Okay, so it was my birthday over a week ago. Whatever. It's my blog, I can do whatever I want with it. That said, here's what I wore.
I've had that jacket for four years now, and before my birthday I'd only worn it once. Needless to say I was overjoyed at the chance to wear it again; the corset under it is cute, no doubt, but I didn't want anyone staring at me for all the wrong reasons on my big day. Here's a photo of the corset.And these cuties here are the birthday present from yours truly to yours truly. I seriously considered buying heels for about five minutes, but practicality won out. I can't be traipsing all over the UI campus in heels if I want to survive. But the war between Comfort and Style is far from over! This was only a skirmish, hear, Comfort? Don't gloat too much. I love these babies though. They are so comfortable, you wouldn't believe it. And they're rubber-soled and made from cloth, which means I can rock them all year, even in the rainy season. Yes!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion is what you make it...

The 'stylish versus trendy' argument is one I'm constantly having in my head. A habit I have (one which is not altogether nice, I know) is to assess what people around me are wearing. I don't by any means consider myself the sole arbiter of all things fashionable (or any, for that matter), but I do like to think that I have a good sense of style. And while I do believe that any fashionista worth her salt should know what trends are in and which are not, I don't believe we should follow every single one like a pug dog on a leash. I mean, who else is tired of seeing girls in blouses with detailed sleeves, waist belts, skinny jeans and ballet flats? Or the gladiator sandals and footless tights? Or the long flowy print summer dress? Or the smoky eyes and 60's (or is it 80's now?) inspired minidress? It gets old after a while.
There is nothing I love more than to see a girl take a trend and do something quirky or unique with it. Wait, that's not true. What I love the most is to see a girl who is wearing absolutely nothing that's 'in' and still looks fabulous. That's a true fashionista right there. Because trends are fleeting, but style is forever. Word.
Anyway, photos. Whether relevant or not. It's my blog. Heh.

Wear a necklace as a bracelet. I know it seems obvious, but barely anyone does it. And it looks great!

My take on the nerd glasses trend. Believe it or not, I got these vintage frames for N100. No jokes. And then I had medicated lenses put in. Call me geek chick, baby. Oh, and the detailing on both blouses I did myself. All you need is a few cast-offs to turn a basic tank or tee into a cute blouse.
My take on the smoky eye. Who said it had to be black? A lot of blue eyeliner underneath the black eyeshadow adds a pop of color that everyone will be talking about...

These sneaks used to be white with black detail (the stars and stuff you can see). But they got old, the white was looking less and less like white, so out came the spray paint, and bam! New sneaks! (which I never got to wear because a girlfriend pinched these the very next day. Sob).

Fashion, my friends, is what you make of it. Even with spray paint.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photos from Lloyd Live

I know it was ages ago, but still. I loved the way I looked that day. And we had so much fun! I had no idea I could be oppressed by people three, four years my junior though; the things those tweens were wearing, Lordha'mercy! Lol.. Here're photos of me and my gurlie, Rina...Smiling for the camera. I don't think Lloyd deserved this outfit
Me and my super-hot gurlie, Ri-Ri...
How many hours of dancing can I do in these, I wonder?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Sucks Not Having a Camera!!

I don't have a camera in school. Not even a camera phone. Which means that all the remarkable stuff I've passed by over the last few weeks has gone unrecorded. Very unsexy.(I'm not even sure that's a word) o_O. Like, I saw two girls standing side by side, having a conversation it seemed. And while one was in a tank top and capris, the other was wearing a long-sleeved basic top, sneakers and a beanie. In the same place! I think Nigeria is the only place where stuff like that happens. I wonder how Nigerian designers decide what to put in each season's collection; I mean, there is no demarcation here, as far as fashion is concerned anyway...
Then there was the boy I sat behind in class who was wearing a white shirt that very obviously used to be someone's work uniform; it actually had the name Brian Fuller on the breast pocket, in blue embroidery. And then on the sleeves it said Polypipe Group. Weird! So I googled Polypipe, and it turned out to be a European Piping company, although googling 'Brian Fuller Polypipe Group' was pretty fruitless. HOW did he get that shirt?? Lol... And he wore it to class, like a normal shirt. I couldn't help staring at him all class long.
Oh, and I saw cactus flowers! I know they're not so very rare, but still. They looked like christmas balls on the plants. I want to see a flowering cactus at least once in my life. So that's all the stuff I can remember that I wanted to photograph but haven't had a chance to. Can't wait to get my camera phone back, at least. Then a new charger for my camera, then Bliss!

Random fact of the day: There are black swans, and they are native only to Australia. Plus they're reputed to be as ugly as their cousins are beautiful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Amazing Sunset

Travelling long distances by road can be amazing, provided it's with the right company and scenery. I just went to Abuja from Ibadan with some friends for a conference; it took us about 13 hours because the driver was being careful. It was a little tedious, but the landscape was amazing. And the difference in pollution levels was astounding; the sunlight was so bright, the air so sharp and clear... I hadn't realised pollution was such a terrible thing. Anyway, I took some pictures on the way, and I'll put up one or two. But the one I'm most proud of (which was a fluke, by the way), is the sunset. I love that picture...

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's the start of something new...

Yup, I watched all three HSM movies. Big deal. Everyone's allowed to connect with their inner child once in a while.:D Anyway. This blog is basically going to be your window to my world, for those people just curious enough to want to know what my world is like. There's going to be gossip, lots of pictures, and maybe a few travel posts too. It'll basically be where I get to write whatever random thoughts pass through my head as a result of something I saw or heard or read or ate. So. Till something interesting happens (which might be a while, considering where I am right now...UI is SO dull!), adios amigos!