Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Sucks Not Having a Camera!!

I don't have a camera in school. Not even a camera phone. Which means that all the remarkable stuff I've passed by over the last few weeks has gone unrecorded. Very unsexy.(I'm not even sure that's a word) o_O. Like, I saw two girls standing side by side, having a conversation it seemed. And while one was in a tank top and capris, the other was wearing a long-sleeved basic top, sneakers and a beanie. In the same place! I think Nigeria is the only place where stuff like that happens. I wonder how Nigerian designers decide what to put in each season's collection; I mean, there is no demarcation here, as far as fashion is concerned anyway...
Then there was the boy I sat behind in class who was wearing a white shirt that very obviously used to be someone's work uniform; it actually had the name Brian Fuller on the breast pocket, in blue embroidery. And then on the sleeves it said Polypipe Group. Weird! So I googled Polypipe, and it turned out to be a European Piping company, although googling 'Brian Fuller Polypipe Group' was pretty fruitless. HOW did he get that shirt?? Lol... And he wore it to class, like a normal shirt. I couldn't help staring at him all class long.
Oh, and I saw cactus flowers! I know they're not so very rare, but still. They looked like christmas balls on the plants. I want to see a flowering cactus at least once in my life. So that's all the stuff I can remember that I wanted to photograph but haven't had a chance to. Can't wait to get my camera phone back, at least. Then a new charger for my camera, then Bliss!

Random fact of the day: There are black swans, and they are native only to Australia. Plus they're reputed to be as ugly as their cousins are beautiful.

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Amazing Sunset

Travelling long distances by road can be amazing, provided it's with the right company and scenery. I just went to Abuja from Ibadan with some friends for a conference; it took us about 13 hours because the driver was being careful. It was a little tedious, but the landscape was amazing. And the difference in pollution levels was astounding; the sunlight was so bright, the air so sharp and clear... I hadn't realised pollution was such a terrible thing. Anyway, I took some pictures on the way, and I'll put up one or two. But the one I'm most proud of (which was a fluke, by the way), is the sunset. I love that picture...

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's the start of something new...

Yup, I watched all three HSM movies. Big deal. Everyone's allowed to connect with their inner child once in a while.:D Anyway. This blog is basically going to be your window to my world, for those people just curious enough to want to know what my world is like. There's going to be gossip, lots of pictures, and maybe a few travel posts too. It'll basically be where I get to write whatever random thoughts pass through my head as a result of something I saw or heard or read or ate. So. Till something interesting happens (which might be a while, considering where I am right now...UI is SO dull!), adios amigos!