Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Sucks Not Having a Camera!!

I don't have a camera in school. Not even a camera phone. Which means that all the remarkable stuff I've passed by over the last few weeks has gone unrecorded. Very unsexy.(I'm not even sure that's a word) o_O. Like, I saw two girls standing side by side, having a conversation it seemed. And while one was in a tank top and capris, the other was wearing a long-sleeved basic top, sneakers and a beanie. In the same place! I think Nigeria is the only place where stuff like that happens. I wonder how Nigerian designers decide what to put in each season's collection; I mean, there is no demarcation here, as far as fashion is concerned anyway...
Then there was the boy I sat behind in class who was wearing a white shirt that very obviously used to be someone's work uniform; it actually had the name Brian Fuller on the breast pocket, in blue embroidery. And then on the sleeves it said Polypipe Group. Weird! So I googled Polypipe, and it turned out to be a European Piping company, although googling 'Brian Fuller Polypipe Group' was pretty fruitless. HOW did he get that shirt?? Lol... And he wore it to class, like a normal shirt. I couldn't help staring at him all class long.
Oh, and I saw cactus flowers! I know they're not so very rare, but still. They looked like christmas balls on the plants. I want to see a flowering cactus at least once in my life. So that's all the stuff I can remember that I wanted to photograph but haven't had a chance to. Can't wait to get my camera phone back, at least. Then a new charger for my camera, then Bliss!

Random fact of the day: There are black swans, and they are native only to Australia. Plus they're reputed to be as ugly as their cousins are beautiful.

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