Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion is what you make it...

The 'stylish versus trendy' argument is one I'm constantly having in my head. A habit I have (one which is not altogether nice, I know) is to assess what people around me are wearing. I don't by any means consider myself the sole arbiter of all things fashionable (or any, for that matter), but I do like to think that I have a good sense of style. And while I do believe that any fashionista worth her salt should know what trends are in and which are not, I don't believe we should follow every single one like a pug dog on a leash. I mean, who else is tired of seeing girls in blouses with detailed sleeves, waist belts, skinny jeans and ballet flats? Or the gladiator sandals and footless tights? Or the long flowy print summer dress? Or the smoky eyes and 60's (or is it 80's now?) inspired minidress? It gets old after a while.
There is nothing I love more than to see a girl take a trend and do something quirky or unique with it. Wait, that's not true. What I love the most is to see a girl who is wearing absolutely nothing that's 'in' and still looks fabulous. That's a true fashionista right there. Because trends are fleeting, but style is forever. Word.
Anyway, photos. Whether relevant or not. It's my blog. Heh.

Wear a necklace as a bracelet. I know it seems obvious, but barely anyone does it. And it looks great!

My take on the nerd glasses trend. Believe it or not, I got these vintage frames for N100. No jokes. And then I had medicated lenses put in. Call me geek chick, baby. Oh, and the detailing on both blouses I did myself. All you need is a few cast-offs to turn a basic tank or tee into a cute blouse.
My take on the smoky eye. Who said it had to be black? A lot of blue eyeliner underneath the black eyeshadow adds a pop of color that everyone will be talking about...

These sneaks used to be white with black detail (the stars and stuff you can see). But they got old, the white was looking less and less like white, so out came the spray paint, and bam! New sneaks! (which I never got to wear because a girlfriend pinched these the very next day. Sob).

Fashion, my friends, is what you make of it. Even with spray paint.