Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fashion Lust

Two things are on my mind these days, fashion wise; the incredibly amazing Birkin bag, and the African print Aldo shoes.
I don't understand why Aldo had to do it first. It seems like such an obvious idea, now that they have. But oh well. Hopefully our indigenous designers, who are already doing a great job taking ownership of ankara, will take a cue. This is Stella, one of my style icons wearing these shoes, and I think she did an awesome job styling them. The awesome shoes!

And then there's the Birkin bag. Over the last few days I've assaulted my poor BB contacts with various photos of this bag; nothing has ever captured my love for a bag like this one has. I love my shoes fussy, but my bags the exact opposite. And to me the Hermes Birkin is the ultimate example of unfussy, structured beauty. Closely followed by the Kelly, of course.
As it is impossible in the 21st century to talk about the Birkin without mentioning Victoria Beckham, this is me mentioning her. Haha...she is reputed to own over a hundred pieces, and the value of her collection is placed at upwards of £1.5m. Did I hear you whistle? Yeah, me too. I am SO jealous of her!
This pink one is my all-time favorite. When I saw this bag, I understood for the first time the famous quote; when I own a Birkin my life will be complete. Haha!