Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy Days

Some days all I want to do is grab the first thing in my closet and go. Um, most days actually. That whole 'budding fashionista' thing? Emphasize the budding, please. :) So forgive me if some of my outfits are a bit obvious; I'm still a long, long way off from my ultimate style goal (Karla Deras-like virtuosity, in case you were wondering what my ultimate style goal is). Today I matched in the most obvious ways; it's almost disgusting to look at the colours, but hey! I live in Nigeria. We love to match. So what if I'm lazy sometimes? I have the right!
Now, to the apologies. I apologise for the grotty pictures. My camera (read my sister's camera, actually) hates me; if it's not one thing, it's another. So I have to use my phone all the time, and well, it's not a very high-tech phone. It serves its purpose quite well as a phone, but as a camera? Uh, nah.
The next apology would be for the erratic posts. Like I said earlier, I was disillusioned with fashion blogging for a while. But my fire has been rekindled, and I hope this time it stays kindled. Lol..my English needs help.
Wait. I'm assuming anyone is even reading this. Smh. :)
So you noticed that the picture quality suddenly deteriorated. I know. The first one was taken by a nice friend of mine who thinks I'm vain but supports me anyway. I need more friends like him..lol.. Anyway, this is me attempting to look nice while in the air. I've tried and tried (and failed!) to take a nice 'Oh, lookatmeI'mjumping' sort of picture. This one was only the least weird of about twenty..lol..I don't know why, but I never jump at the right time, and even when I do, I have a weird look on my face or something..lol..
Yes, yes. These shoes look familiar. That's because I have them in two colours. Who does that? Apparently I do. I should do a whole separate post on the story of how come I have the same shoes twice over. Maybe I will.

And that's it. Me in as many weird poses as I care to show the wide world..lol.. I really love this outfit though; very comfy, and the colours are 'adorb' (stylish-speak for really really cute...lol...).
I hope you had at least as good a day as I did! x

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