Saturday, October 16, 2010

We're going Live!

Today I went with my sister to the official launch of the Live Mechanics flagship store in Surulere, Lagos. It was practically over when we got there (I don't think anyone considers arriving six hours after the time on the invitation as fashionably late), but there were still a few people milling about. We had a great time talking and laughing, and it was a blast (even though we didn't buy anything...haha...). We even got photographed for a magazine! (Um, now I realise I probably should have asked the 'paparazzo' the name of the mag. Oh well.) Here's the sister:
And here I am:
Oh, look! There I am again, posing in front of a ton of designer bags that you can't see because my camera sucks (for now!)
The way I've knotted this belt is one of the many fruits of my constant fashion blog surfing; I learned this from Elaine Hearn of Clothed Much. It's very handy for those extra-long belts that you don't want to leave hanging, and you can do it even if the belt isn't really long, just for the detail, like I did.
I didn't even notice how many bows we were both wearing until I uploaded these:
I attached that bow to the top, like I mentioned in an earlier post here, and it definitely took the tank from drab to fab. People actually stopped me in the mall to say they liked my top! And I just love these super-cute shoes that my sister barely ever wears. If they were my size I'd have pinched them! Alas, she is Cinderella and I'm only the (Ugly Step) sister. Sigh.

Yes, I know there isn't really a bow on these; I just wanted to show you a picture of these cute shoes that my dear friend Neetu got me for my birthday...I love her (and them, of course).

You can check out the fabulous clothing available at the Live Mechanics store on the link I created earlier.
See ya!

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