Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gold at the Bottom of the Rainbow

It's Sunday! That means church for me, and for most people church means traditional attire. Well. I only possess two dresses made from ankara, so I decided to break one out for my official 'home for the holidays!' return to the church family. Besides, I'd look really ridiculous kneeling down over and over to greet if I was wearing some fancy DVF dress (I don't own one, but who else knows that? Lol...).
My darling sister, who has graciously agreed to take numerous pictures of me everyday for the last few days, was making fun of my silly poses. Pout! I like my poses!
Okay. Maybe she had a
And, in unrelated news, it would appear Michael Jackson's influence spread to the world of creepy-crawlies; this (mantis?) looks like it's doing 'Thriller'!
TTFN! (Tigger-ese for Bye!)


  1. That dress is absolutely amazing on you!!! And that pic is SO funny. it totally looks like it's doing thriller!