Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Don't Like Green Nothing...

...Except for money. That's a Kimora quote that isn't necessarily relevant, but I just wanted a title with green in it. I actually do like green things, like this cute Paris top that I can't seem to be able to find anymore! I have searched high and low, and in the weirdest places too, but it seems to be gone forever. Unless one of my girlfriends 'borrowed' it and 'forgot' to give it back. That's a thought... I miss you, baby. Don't you just love the girl and her poodle? (I know you can only see its butt, but the poufy tail should have informed you!) And they're made of flocking, too. Sob!

Another green thing I like is these shoes, but they are going to have to bring in yet another green thing I love, which is money. (I know the only really green Naira note is N20. Yes, I can be paid in twenties. So there.)
They haven't been worn at all; a friend gave them to my sister who gave them to me. I know, I know. Long story. But they haven't been worn. I would wear them, but in my school there are only about three 'heels-worthy' events all year long (it's Ibadan! I'm not exaggerating!), and these are such a tricky color that I've just never gotten 'round to actually wearing them.
They're size 40 1/2 European, 8 1/2 US, 7 UK. The heel height is about 4", with a teeny-tiny 1/2" platform. Brand new, peoples. They're made of synthetic material, and they're Anne Michelle.
If you're interested, send an e-mail to
Make me a reasonable offer.

It's green green green today! Yay!

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