Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cameroon..c'etait super...

The literal translation of 'picture window'
What is it about sunsets and palm trees that just tugs at the heart?

The three musketeers! (Well, two-and-a-half, if I'm honest; those girls seriously needed no one else for their
The beautiful hotel; Hotel Le Paradis. The flora was amazing...
I have no idea why I love this picture so much! But some of the people I loved best at the conference own those feet, so I guess that's one reason...
I KNOW! I KNOW! Like seriously!! Lmao!
My fabulous roomie, of the sweetest people alive. I love this girl!!
RiRi took this pic, love it!
I was a bit conflicted as to which blog to post this on, but since my first post was about an AIESEC trip, I have decided that this is my AIESEC blog. These are about one-hundredth of all the photos I took, but I'll add more, maybe. I love love AIESEC; so many amazing people to meet, so much amazing stuff to learn! You should join! Lol...

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