Friday, February 18, 2011

Business Is Casual

So I stole the title of my post from someone else. Big deal. At least I owned up. Lol.. My first post of the year, I'm so excited! (Not really, but if you're not excited and I'm not excited I might as well shut this down, so here's to feigned excitement! Lol..)
This outfit was a Monday outfit. With me, Monday outfits are a Big Deal. I wear heels every Monday because that's another thing I like to feign; seriousness and responsibility, and heels sort of convey that. Most times I wear skirts too, but I was too lazy on the day in question to iron (read; I woke up late and didn't have time). So skinny jeans, my pseudo-TM Lewin shirt, and my lovely coral shoes which I LOVE because they're so cute and coral, and this beautiful vintage briefcase-inspired satchel that I bought for a song. I love Mondays (when I'm in my clothes, anyway). Oh, and my pseudo-Armani shades too. Too much pseudo-ness, but what can I say? It's much cheaper that

My facial expression cracks me up like crazy...lmao...I will never try to pout in a picture ever again. :D